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Review: The Best Friend (Fear Street #17) by R.L. Stine

The Best Friend (Fear Street, #17)
Title: The Best Friend

Series: The Best Friend #1 | Fear Street #17

Author: R.L. Stine

Publication date: December 1992

Published by: Archway Paperback

Source: Purchased paperback

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Best friends... to the end!

Who is Honey Perkins? She’s been telling everyone in Shadyside that she’s Becka Norwood’s best friend. But Becka’s sure she’s never met Honey before.

Honey systematically moves in on Becka’s life, copying her in every way. But when Becka presumes to have more than one “best friend,” the horrible accidents begin.

Does Honey just want a friend? Becka wonders. Or does she want more—much more!

My rating: ★★★★☆

Sometimes friendship can be murder...

This book was fucking insane! One afternoon Becka is minding her own business, hanging out with her two friends in her room, when all of a sudden this girl bursts into her room. But for a change, in a Fear Street book, this time it isn’t a killer. Instead it’s a girl Honey who embraces Becka claiming to be her long lost childhood best friend. But Becka has never seen this girl before! Does Becka just have an awful memory, or is this Honey chick absolutely insane?

How come I don’t remember that? Becka asked herself. It seems to me I’d remember that if it were true. Honey seems so sincere. I don’t think she’s deliberately lying.
Does she live in some kind of fantasy world?

As I mentioned before, this book was full of craziness! It was very interesting finding out whether Honey and Becka actually knew each other back in the day, because Honey seemed completely off the rails! The things she did were SO weird! For example, she was completely fixated on Becka that when other people talked to her she would ignore them! Like, Becka would be talking to someone, Honey would come over, Becka’s friend would say ‘Hi’ or something to Honey, and Honey would ignore them! First of all, rude! Second of all, her fixation on Becka is disturbing af! She is borderline stalking her! Seriously, wtf is wrong with this girl!

One thing I found frustrating about this book was that Becka, in the beginning, wouldn’t grow a spine and tell Honey to fuck off. Or at least that she was misremembering. Later on, when Honey really get on her nerves, she does start telling her like it is, so hurray for that. But I also do understand that Becka didn’t want to be rude and hurt Honey’s feelings.

Oh and then that ending... What. The. FUCK! Oh my god it was the most insane ending to top off this insane book! But I gotta be honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan. The open ending was too open for my taste. It almost felt like the 3rd act of the book was missing. But I actually really enjoyed this book! I love how insane it was and how unhinged Honey was acting. But that ending man, I can’t get over how much I disliked it. There is a sequel to this book though, so I am really looking forward to that!

And because this is a Fear Street book, there were some Easter Eggs! Mickey and Clay, Pam’s delinquent friends from Silent Night, were mentioned. It turns out that Deena Martinson from The Wrong Number was Becka’s childhood best friend. David Metcalf, Cory’s best friend from The New Girl was also mentioned, as was Lisa from that same book. Ricky Schorr and Gary Brandt from The Overnight were also mentioned. And our last appearance was that of Cari Taylor, the main character in Party Summer. She mentioned to Becka that Reva Dalby, from Silent Night, had invited her to go skiing and I’m over here laughing but feeling sorry for Cari because Reva doesn’t have friends. Either this is a very cruel joke and Reva’s not actually taking Cari, or Cari is gonna have the absolute worst time hanging out with that bitch. Lol.

The Fear Street connection: Becka lives on Fear Street... just her luck, I guess. Lol.

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The Best Friend (Fear Street, #17)

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  1. I'm happy you found a great book to read with characters that had a great growth arc to them. I am super curious about the ending and love when authors can blow me away with great endings, whether answering all my questions or leaving a cliff-hanger to make me want more.

    1. Yeah, sometimes that's great, but in this case it wasn't so much lol


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