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Review: The Secret Bedroom (Fear Street #13) by R.L. Stine

The Secret Bedroom (Fear Street, #13)
Title: The Secret Bedroom

Series: Fear Street #13

Author: R.L. Stine

Publication date: September 1991

Published by: Archway Paperback

Source: Purchased papaerback

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Lea Carson can't believe it when her family moves into the creepy, old house on Fear Street. Most creepy of all is the secret room up in the attic.

The room has been locked and boarded up for at least a hundred years. A murder was committed in that room, the story goes, and it has been closed up ever since.

Lea knows she should stay away. But she thinks she hears footsteps inside the secret room. And voices.

Someone—or something—is waiting for Lea in there.

Should she open the door?

Can she resist?

My rating: ★★★☆☆

Don’t open that door!

This book... it was... it was a book. One I didn’t enjoy too much, tbh. I liked the mystery behind the secret door and what was behind it, but we don’t really get to the door until the second half of the book. The first half of the book was full of romance I did not care about. And embarrassment, so much embarrassment...

This book just gave me serious secondhand embarrassment. Lea’s actions sometime’s were just... why?! Why would you do that? I just didn’t understand and I felt so embarrassed for her. Lol. But it was all because of a GUY who already has a GIRLFRIEND! This drove me insane! Literally the first half of the book was just Lea briefly wondering about the mysterious door in her attic, and mostly about this guy Don asking her out then breaking the dates because of his already-existing girlfriend. Number one, Lea is an absolute idiot for falling for this guy (who I admit was nice in the beginning) who keeps breaking the dates. Girl, you need to get over him because he’s already with someone else. Which brings me to number two, he is already with someone else! WTF are you doing asking another girl out? Break up with your current girlfriend first, you dick! And third, Don’s girlfriend Marci is a bit mean to Lea, but I actually get it! Homegirl over here is trying to steal her man! I totally get it! I was so over Don! He needed to get his shit together and either drop Marci or leave Lea the hell alone. I just didn’t care and it was so frustrating, especially since it took up the 1st half of the book.

One thing I really liked about this book was that one of Lea’s good friends (her only friend, if I'm being honest lol) is Deena Martinson from The Wrong Number! She is more than just a mention or an Easter Egg, she’s actually a side character... well, at least in the first half of the book. But anyway, I really enjoyed that! I love Deena and I loved seeing her in this book! And it was really funny because at one point Lea is freaked out, home alone, and she calls Deena to come over and...

“I hate Fear Street!” Deena exclaimed. “Why do you have to live on Fear Street? I had a horrible experience on Fear Street last year!”

Yes, yes she did. Lol. After what happened in The Wrong Number, I don’t blame her for not wanting to go back to Fear Street. Lol.

And speaking of Easter Eggs, Deena’s best friend Jade (also from The Wrong Number) is mentioned a couple of times. And Suki’s (from The Overnight) mom, Mrs. Thomas, was the realtor who sold Lea and her family the house! That was pretty cool!

“People make up these stories,” Mrs. Thomas said, brightening. “I don’t know why. As I said, there’s a horror story for every house on Fear Street. Yet the people I’ve met who live on this street are all nice as can be.”

Yeah right. Lol. Ricky Schorr from The Overnight also made a very brief appearance. As did Cory Brooks from The New Girl and Gary Brandt also from The Overnight!

Overall, this book was... fine. I liked the mystery and the fact that there was a supernatural element to this book—that was awesome! I loved Deena being in this book too! But I wasn’t the biggest fan of our main character Lea and the dumb plot that was going on with Don and Marci.


The Fear Street connection: Lea, unfortunately, just moved to Fear Street.

So the house is big and ramshackle and a wreck. That doesn't make it evil.
Even if it’s on Fear Street.



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  1. I remember really liking Fear Street when I was younger! I should read a book from the series again, soon :)

    1. You should! They can be a bit corny, but I just have a lot of fun reading them!

  2. Great review! I'd like to read it. :)


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