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Review: Tangled Schemes (Elemental Assassin #3.7) by Jennifer Estep

Title: Tangled Schemes

Series: Elemental Assassin #3.7

Previous short stories in this series: Poison (#0.1) | Web of Deceit (#0.2) | Spider's Bargain (#0.5) | Web of Death (#1.5) | Wasted (#2.7) | Tangled Dreams (#3.5)

Books in this series: Spider's Bite (#1) | Web of Lies (#2) | Venom (#3) | Tangled Threads (#4)

Author: Jennifer Estep

Publication date: 2011

Published by: Jennifer Estep

Source: Free on author's site

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This short story spans a period of time starting from the last chapter of Spider’s Bite and ending right before the beginning of Tangled Threads. It’s told from Detective Bria Coolidge’s point of view and shows her search for her long-lost sister Genevieve Snow. What Bria doesn’t know is what she’s going to do about the fact that Genevieve also happens to be the assassin the Spider.

My rating: ★★★★★

Tangled Schemes is told in Bria’s POV. Bria is Gin’s baby sister, if you don’t remember. This short story doesn't actually take place between any two books, like the other short stories tend to. This one spans from book 1 (Spider’s Bite) all the way up to just before that start of book 4 (Tangled Threads), and it shows Bria’s search for her sister Genevieve who she actually thought was dead, until recently. Little does Bria know that she is closer to her sister than she can imagine. But Bria does learn one astonishing thing about her big sister...

My big sister Genevieve was indeed alive—and she was the notorious assassin the Spider.

Amidst the flashbacks, in this short story Bria is out meeting someone who might be able to give her some information on the infamous assassin known as the Spider. AKA her sister Genevieve. Bria has not been able to track her sister any other way, and this meeting might just help her get a step closer to reuniting with Gen. But the meeting goes awry and Bria is put in some serious danger. But never fear...

I might not be as deadly as Genevieve had apparently become as the Spider, but I could take care of myself when push came to shove—even in Ashland.

... because she is just as badass as her sister! Now, if she could only realize that Gen = the Spider = Gin....

I absolutely loved this! I loved the POV and Bria and seeing her in action! I mean she is a cop afterall, and one of the good ones at that! And all the things she’s done, looking for her sister... it breaks my heart seeing Gin and Bria interact. Bria is just so close to her sister, and she doesn’t even realize how close.

Anyway, this one was amazing! I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of the Elemental Assassin series! It just gives such great background information into Bria's life.

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