Sunday, June 28, 2020

Sunday Post #251: Nail Polish Addict

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What I've been doing:

This week was busy, it felt like. My 16-year-old brothers started working, harvesting cherries, so everyday that I didn't work I brought them lunch at the orchard (which is like a 3 minute drive from our house). My cooking skills are extremely limited so trying to figure out what to make my picky brothers was not fun. Lol. But we all survived and I think they may be done for now? Idk. Cherry season is weird this year.

On another more fun note, I got a bunch of nail polishes in the mail! Yay! Besides book mail, my other favorite type of mail is nail mail!

Why yes, that is three bottles of the same neon pink nail polish 😂 I'm not kidding! Retail Therapy was my favorite nail polish last summer and I was SO sad when I finished the bottle because this color was limited edition. I love this shade of neon pink and I have not been able to find a dupe anywhere, so I was very excited when I found out that they brought back the color this year! SO excited that I bought THREE bottles because one was not enough for me last year 😂 Anyway, I really love neon nail polishes if you haven't noticed. Lol. If you also like neons, I highly recommend the Vice 2020 Collection from Cirque Colors! They are a bit pricey compared to your average main stream nail polishes, BUT they are really good quality! A lot of neons you need to use a white base under the color to really make it pop, but not with these! I can get Retail Therapy opaque in only two coats! It's great!

And you know I also love HOLO which is why I bought the entire rainbow collection from Holo Taco 😅 I also bought some extras... two holo glitter polishes (silver and rose gold), a black polish, and I repurchased Super Glossy Taco which is my new favorite top coat! I have tried a lot of top coats in my long, nail-polish-addicted life, and this is probably the best one I have tried to date! It dries extremely fast, it's very shiny, and it helps your manicure last. And when I mean it dries fast, I mean FAST! I am the type of clumsy person to finish doing their nails and 5 minutes later I'll go and accidentally bump them on a table or something and then get a dent because the top coat is not completely dry. Well, that's not the case with this one! It's perfect if you're clumsy like me 😂 (Again, this brand is pricier as well, but the quality of the nail polishes is worth it! A lot of their stuff is sold out right now though, I think 😅 Also, I'm sorry about the very long post about nail polish 🙈)

On my Japanese learning journey, I started using this website to learn Kanji and I really love it! I started it maybe about a month ago and I'm already on level two!

Kanji are hard to learn and remember, but this site helps you learn all the different meanings and readings using very fun mnemonics. One of my favorite ones is for learning the kanji 火 which means fire. (The kanji is read as か = ka, which is why 'car' is used in this mnemonic.)

It is SO funny! And the website is very sassy. Lol. All these wacky situations makes it a lot easier to remember the kanji.

One interesting feature about this is that the lessons are spaced out and not given to you all at once. Apparently it helps with memorization or something. So ☝ is what my lessons look like today. I get a couple kanji every few hours or so. I actually don't tend to be on top of things and do them as they come out out just because I forget, so sometimes by 9 pm I have like 60 lessons I have to do and I'm like 😲 But then I finish all my lessons and I want more cause they're fun but I can't have more because I have to wait 😂 Anyway, I'm really enjoying this. The first three levels (out of 60, apparently!) are free and after that you do have to pay for subscription, and I am actually highly considering it. We'll see 👀

What I've been watching:

Still watching Supernatural... I'm right in the middle of season 5.

I also watched some horror movies...

Countdown - Movie PostersThe Banana Splits MovieZ (2019) New Horror, Thriller Movie - Release Dates / Poster / Trailer / Details: Synopsis: A family find themselves terrorized by their… Media Gallaxy: Body Cam (2020)

These were all fine... not great, but entertaining 🤷‍♀️😂 Countdown was a very generic horror movie I didn't actually hate because I really liked some of the characters. The concept of an app that knows when you're gonna die was interesting too. The Banana Splits Movie, believe it or not, is a slasher! And it was FUN! Z was about an evil imaginary friend... I liked it, but I was not a fan of the third act because instead of the character finally doing something to deal with this, things are done to her and she just let it happen and it was frustrating. Fantasy Island was also really interesting... it actually had a plot twist I didn't see coming! Body Cam was interesting but it was just too real, what with everything that is happening right now. I literally almost burst out into tears at one point. But it was a good movie. I'm gonna watch more movies today, but I'll let you know about those next week!

What I've been listening to:

This story was just completed not that long ago and I really enjoyed it! It's about a family on the run from creepy monster things... it was good! It's about 2.5 hours long, but it's worth the listen!

Nail art of the week:

Used my favorite nail polish Retail Therapy... with some holo, of course 😉 And I'm gonna apologize in advance because I'm probably gonna be using the nail polish for the rest of the summer 😅 I love it! (And I also have three bottles of it 😂)


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  1. Love the nails, as always. And I'm glad to hear that the program you're using to learn Japanese is working out well!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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